The 2024-25 Fort Myers Coin Show season will be held at the Masonic Lodge, at 10868 Metro Parkway in Fort Myers.

Show hours are 9am to 3pm.

November 16, 2024
January 25, 2025
March 22, 2025

Masonic Lodge front view

The Fort Myers Coin Club hosts three shows each year, providing opportunities to buy, sell, or trade a wide assortment of numismatic material with dealers who have set up tables at these events. Most avid collectors believe that the best way to buy or sell coins is at a coin show. There’s nothing quite like holding the coin, token, medal, or paper money in your hand and examining it closely.

Most shows, including those hosted by the Fort Myers Coin Club, feature dealers offering a wide variety of numismatic material. For rarer items, you may need to attend a regional or national show to find them. Local shows are also great places to meet others who share your interest in collecting and who are eager to share new information with you.

At many larger shows, you can attend seminars and lectures, view exhibits, and sometimes participate in major auctions. Tight security is typically present at most shows to ensure the safety of attendees and their collections.

scouts at coin show

Members of the coin club also participate in National Coin Week which is typically held in May of every year. Members also are available as speakers for local clubs.